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1 in 4 people can suffer from mental illness at any time.

Admit it. Mental health matters.

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Mental disorders are real, treatable and can be overcome. In the same way, stigma is not an abstract concept.

In this section you can find experiences of Andalusian (Southern Spain) citizens who have confronted stigma and discrimination. True stories both of people with mental disorders as well as professionals in the area of mental health who contribute with their valuable perceptions.

In a brave gesture, all wish to share their personal history to help society to understand the useless load of suffering that stigma implies. People with mental disorders, their relatives and professionals in psychiatry, nursing, psychology, etc., collaborate in this section in which the reader is invited to tell his or her experiences by contacting 1 de cada 4 at: contacta@1decada4.es

Awareness actions for social acceptance of people who suffer mental disorders. More information